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Active Tickets

Active tickets

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

371 Upon clicking 'cancel' the message becomes uneditable - intermittent bug?2.0.17?NewHighNJ2021-01-01
by anonymous
374 A line break is added at the first row2.0.15?NewHighkazu2020-12-01
by kazu
378 "Check and Send" not working for me2.0.18?NewNormalAY2021-02-24
by AY
372 tags in the message header view disappeaTBB 2.1.5?NewNormalJZ2021-02-06
by JZ
377 Allow EN new interfaceENT 2.0.2?NewNormalMichael E2021-01-26
by Michael E
376 2.1.5 tag toolbar2.1.5?NewNormalUwe Aszmann2021-01-04
by Uwe Aszmann
375 Making address list easily editable for bulk addition/deletion2.0.0?NewNormalVP2020-12-10
by VP
373 Editing the tags of several messages does not work properlyTBB 2.1.5?NewNormalJZ2020-11-28
by JZ
370 Tag choices not shown when multiple emails are selectedTTB 2.1.5?NewNormalgriswolf2020-11-19
by griswolf
369 Tag Popup/Tag Toolbar2.1.5?NewNormalAM2020-11-10
by AM
368 Tag popup does not redraw when tag is entered by numberTTB 2.1.5?NewNormalanonymous2020-11-10
by anonymous
365 TTB cannot attach tags when sendingTTB 2.1.5?NewNormalbvwatson2020-09-24
by bvwatson
364 TTB - Fixed sort order. Toolbar Mode2.1.5?NewNormalDaLiV2020-09-21
by DaLiV
359 Configuration of EnFoward not work2.0.4?NewNormalGöran Lindqvist2020-08-26
by h.ogi
360 Tagged Message no longer are highlighted background2.0.6?NewNormaldstp2020-08-21
by h.ogi
15 issues are found.
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