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Active Tickets

Active tickets

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

327 Update needed - not compatible with new TBTTB?NewHighJ Boddy2018-11-03
by J Boddy
279 Priority Switcher 0.16.4 + Thunderbird 31.3.0: Error with character Encoding change0.16.4?NewHighGrateful User2015-05-26
by Grateful User
325 Tagtoolbar - missing list all tabs dropdown menu0.9.10b4?ReopenedNormalFlax2018-10-25
by Flax
322 Forward to MyLifeOrganised requestENF 0.4.00?NewNormalanonymous2018-08-08
by anonymous
319 validate receiver field in combination with mail subject1.0.1.1?NewNormalMaCXyLo2017-11-16
by MaCXyLo
318 tag toolbar doesn't put newly created tag in tag list barlatest?NewNormalV S Rawat2017-10-13
by V S Rawat
315 CAS with different accounts does not work correctly1.0.11?NewNormalRalf2017-06-20
by Ralf
306 ENF: Add option to hide OneNote/Evernote from context menu0.3.20?NewNormalBceylon2016-07-29
by Bceylon
277 EnForward Request - change in taggingENF0.3.20?NewNormalChrisGillanders2014-10-04
by ChrisGillanders
272 Tag Toolbar への要望0.8.35?NewNormal皓い鴉2014-08-08
by 皓い鴉
266 Request: Delete duplicate recipientsCAS 0.9.27?NewNormalJon2014-06-02
by Jon
220 Add recepients check for noreply@...CAS 0.9.26?NewNormalh.ogi2013-05-10
by h.ogi
199 Check and Send should only change name if my address book has a name.CAS 0.9.25?NewNormalJonathan2013-03-03
by Jonathan
182 Multiple tags in toolbar to function as filter NOT additiveLatest?NewNormalJohn2012-12-01
by John
48 need option not to update the name if it is not in the address bookCAS 0.9.22?NewNormalh.ogi2011-07-21
by h.ogi
7 Ignore occurences in forwarded messageCheck and Send 0.9.21?NewNormalshat2011-05-03
by shat
55 Shortcuts to change priorityPS 0.6.13?NewLowh.ogi2011-07-31
by h.ogi
42 Tag Toolbar: Tag buttons in message header area?PendingLowThomas Wolff2011-07-21
by h.ogi
39 Visualization's type per tag category0.8.34?PendingLowPiotr Dobrogost2011-07-21
by h.ogi
19 issues are found.
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