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Active Tickets

Active tickets

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

316 Transfer (move) tags between categories not working0.9 + 32.3.0?NewHighyard2017-09-15
by yard
286 TB, tag toolbar, tags chosen in compose-window are not saved0.8.35TB 38.3.0UnconfirmedHighgretelchen2015-11-03
by gretelchen
293 Google Contacts is incompatible with Thunderbird
by GAR
282 "Password for google contacts"0.7.12PendingHighJohn24-09-2015
by ramatomo
285 "Password for google contacts"0.7.13b1?NewHighKlaus2015-06-29
by dethearth
279 Priority Switcher 0.16.4 + Thunderbird 31.3.0: Error with character Encoding change0.16.4?NewHighGrateful User2015-05-26
by Grateful User
280 Google contacts breaks charset menu in TB0.7.12?NewHighTaraman2015-04-04
by Taraman
275 Google Contacts doesn't seem to be working!0.7.12?NewHighJohn2014-09-11
by John
132 Tag bar and Lightning Today Pane overlapTTB 0.8.35?NewHighh.ogi2014-08-22
by Jörg
236 New contacts in TB does not make it to GMailGC 0.7.12?NewHighBhavbhuti2014-04-06
by Paul Wermer
232 同期不具合0.7.12?NewHighMasa2013-07-04
by Masa
216 TB upload to Google contact still does not workGC 0.7.11?NewHighYvan2013-05-03
by Yvan
321 Up / Down function in Tag Toolbar edit function does not work0.9.00?NewNormalsteve2018-03-01
by steve
320 TTB in Thunderbird does not work52.5.2?NewNormalBreite_Gu@web.de2018-01-26
319 validate receiver field in combination with mail subject1.0.1.1?NewNormalMaCXyLo2017-11-16
by MaCXyLo
318 tag toolbar doesn't put newly created tag in tag list barlatest?NewNormalV S Rawat2017-10-13
by V S Rawat
317 Tag toolbar doesn't add existing tag to new maillatest?NewNormalV S Rawat2017-10-13
by V S Rawat
315 CAS with different accounts does not work correctly1.0.11?NewNormalRalf2017-06-20
by Ralf
107 Two different contacts which share an e-mail are mangled together23?NewNormalDan2017-02-11
by name
306 ENF: Add option to hide OneNote/Evernote from context menu0.3.20?NewNormalBceylon2016-07-29
by Bceylon
304 ENF breaks Select-All and Copy on TB47.00.3.20?NewNormalMitra2016-07-02
by Mitra
260 Google Contacts could use an option for manual syncGC 0.7.12?NewNormalanonymous2015-10-28
by John
292 Password for Google Contacts NOT acceptedGC 0.7.13b1?NewNormaljohnG2015-09-30
by johnG
290 Toolbar Icon for EnForward0.3.20?NewNormalKeith Collyer2015-08-01
by Keith Collyer
289 Google Contacts is incomptible with Thunderbird P2015-07-29
by John P
284 Contacts constantly requires a password in Thunderbird and it never works0.7.12?NewNormalDave2015-06-10
by Dave
283 Google Contacts stopped working, oAuth required0.7.12?PendingNormalScott2015-06-10
by Elisa
170 New added contact duplicated more than 20 times (Thunderbird and Google)GC 0.6.40?NewNormalKetty2015-01-09
by Timothy Quinn
164 Google Contacts: [Auth] 403: ForbiddenGC0.6.40?ReopenedNormaldtcw2014-12-23
by Spike
277 EnForward Request - change in taggingENF0.3.20?NewNormalChrisGillanders2014-10-04
by ChrisGillanders
276 Google Contact0.7.12?NewNormalio2014-10-01
by io
272 Tag Toolbar への要望0.8.35?NewNormal皓い鴉2014-08-08
by 皓い鴉
266 Request: Delete duplicate recipientsCAS 0.9.27?NewNormalJon2014-06-02
by Jon
264 Tbird GC0.7.12 BugGC 0.7.12?NewNormalGS2014-06-02
by GS
255 "Search Tags" does nothing in Tag ToolbarTTB 0.8.35?NewNormalbsh53g@gmail.com2014-05-23
172 Uncategorized phone numbers from Google not synced with TB, changes not synced0.6.40?NewNormalkellner2014-04-27
244 Can I also sync Personal Adress Book?GC 0.7.12?NewNormalAndreasR2014-02-09
by George Worley
253 GC does not show gmail groups in Thunderbird after Win 7 upgrade0.7.12?NewNormaldanielnk2014-01-11
by danielnk
245 Request: sync Google Apps DirectoryGC 0.7.12?NewNormalanonymous2013-11-17
by anonymous
248 Google Contact groups being duplicating many timesGC 0.7.12?NewNormalKevin H2013-11-17
by Kevin H
191 Please add the option to sync Thunderbird's default address book (GC)GC 0.6.41?NewNormalventhur at debian dot org2013-11-17
by AndreasR
246 Tag Toolbar tags all messages in collapsed threadTTB 0.8.35?NewNormalktan@realityartisans.com2013-11-17
240 TB doesn't sync Google contacts with a single-character "date" field in birthdayGC 0.7.12?NewNormaljtarvainen2013-09-23
by jtarvainen
237 Do not warn about going onlineGC 0.7.12?NewNormalMcGuire2013-08-12
by McGuire
234 Does Not Syn All Google Contacts in the Groups in Thunderbird Address Book0.7.12?NewNormalanonymous2013-08-11
by Chris S.
233 Sync problem for SOME fields (function, company name) with Google Contacts0.7.12?NewNormalaldericd@yahoo.com2013-07-13
231 GC not workingGC 0.7.11?NewNormalitredler2013-07-04
by itredler
229 Selected e-mail address in GC group does not show up in TBGC 0.7.12?NewNormalPiet Vredeveld2013-07-04
by Piet Vredeveld
228 Copy multiple Addresses failsGC 0.7.11?NewNormalR Wilkes2013-06-10
by R Wilkes
217 Contact not pushed to Google Contact if added details under ProfessionalGC 0.7.11?NewNormalAlexandre2013-05-10
by Alexandre
220 Add recepients check for noreply@...CAS 0.9.26?NewNormalh.ogi2013-05-10
by h.ogi
215 Upload from Thunderbird to google not quite working with 0.7.11GC 0.7.11?NewNormalYvan2013-05-02
by Yvan
201 Google Contacts Not loading after initial setup0710?NewNormalTodd2013-04-28
by h.ogi
213 Adding a new contact for google contacts did not work, had to manually enter it on google itselfGC 0.7.11?NewNormalernie2013-04-27
by ernie
211 two way identificationGC 0.7.10?NewNormalulmus2013-04-14
by ulmus
208 Not all contacts showing up0.7.10?NewNormalRobH2013-04-13
by RobH
206 Unresponse ScriptGC 0.7.10?NewNormaljsmedley2013-03-19
by jsmedley
203 Google Contacs Add on0.7.10?NewNormalTim2013-03-14
by Tim
192 Google Contacts didn't show/import email-addresses0.7?UnconfirmedNormalberndw2013-03-09
by Fran M.
173 Google Contacts 0.6.40 Bug0.6.40?PendingNormaledber2013-03-05
by h.ogi
179 How do I synch contacts in lists other than "Personal Address Book"?TB 15.0/GC 6.40?NewNormalJim2013-03-05
by h.ogi
199 Check and Send should only change name if my address book has a name.CAS 0.9.25?NewNormalJonathan2013-03-03
by Jonathan
175 Twenty-Four Thousand replicate contact entriesGoogle Contacts 0.6.40?NewNormalBrock2013-01-31
by Jussi Tarvainen
190 Google Contact "Sync every x hours" not workingGC 0.6.41?NewNormalWalt DeMoss2013-01-31
by Walt DeMoss
189 constant "script" problems with Thunderbird0.6.41?NewNormalkenfree2013-01-28
by kenfree
188 Slowing down of whisperer (GC)GC 0.6.40?NewNormalVaclav Kunt2013-01-26
by Vaclav Kunt
182 Multiple tags in toolbar to function as filter NOT additiveLatest?NewNormalJohn2012-12-01
by John
176 Different contacts with same email-address are merged0.6.40?NewNormalpk2012-11-21
by pk
116 Uncontrolled duplication in gmailGoogle Contacts 0.6.40?NewNormalBillJ2012-10-23
by TiagoTiago
169 Improvement - Google Contacts 0.6.35GC 0.6.35?NewNormalParesh2012-08-17
by Paresh
168 Google Contacts is Trashing our Google Address booksGC0.6.40?NewNormalGary.Alderson@Aldersoft.CA2012-08-08
by Gary.Alderson@Aldersoft.CA
167 Google Contacts behaves poorly when multiple TB windows openGC0.6.40?NewNormaljik@kamens.us2012-08-07
163 TB eating up memory and status "[Retreive] 200: Ok"GC0.6.41b1?NewNormalJvdG2012-08-07
by JvdG
166 dupllicate contacts cause performance issues when using Google Contacts addonvarious?NewNormalvseerror@lehigh.edu2012-08-07
165 dupllicate contacts caused by Google Contacts addon?NewNormal2012-08-07
138 Google contacts not showing in address bookGC 0.6.39?NewNormalAlex2012-05-29
by Alex
137 Changes to Google Contacts Due to Google 2 Factor AuthenticationGC 0.6.40?NewNormal2012-05-12
by scoxintn
135 "working directory change" doesn't accept a changeGC 0.6.40?NewNormalkhelmsch_de2012-04-22
by khelmsch_de
128 while RELOAD Google contacts to Thunderbird 11.0 each! contact is duplicated as mail listGC 0.6.40?NewNormalkhelmsch_de2012-03-24
by khelmsch_de
122 Google Contacts & Tbird Personal Address BookGC 0.6.41b1?NewNormalLanceW2012-03-24
by renejakl
119 Google Contacts 0.6.40?NewNormalAssaf Yavnai2012-02-04
by Assaf Yavnai
118 Contacts are not syncing with Google contacts0.6.40?PendingNormal2012-02-02
by T. Ragheb
114 GCGC 0.6.40?NewNormalPeter2012-01-08
by Peter
111 Address Book lists deleted from Thunderbird0.6.40b6?UnconfirmedNormalEd Belove2011-12-21
by EB
103 Removable default google contact groups and sync on demandGC 0.6.39?NewNormalNyugi2011-11-06
by Nyugi
93 GC doesn't Upload new added contactsGC 0.6.40b2NewNormalinfo@bogy.be2011-10-24
81 Suggestion/Request for Google Contacts plug-inGC 0.6.37?NewNormalPreston2011-09-29
by Preston
48 need option not to update the name if it is not in the address bookCAS 0.9.22?NewNormalh.ogi2011-07-21
by h.ogi
49 Check and Sendに日付チェックを追加CAS 0.9.22?NewNormalh.ogi2011-07-21
by h.ogi
6 Alert for sending attachmentsCheck and Send 0.9.21?NewNormalh.ogi2011-05-03
by h.ogi
7 Ignore occurences in forwarded messageCheck and Send 0.9.21?NewNormalshat2011-05-03
by shat
142 Can't synchronise contacts without email address (they do have displayname) to GoogleGC 0.6.41b1?ReopenedLowBas2018-01-31
by Essay Writing Tip
28 Display bug when create a new mailTTB O.8.32?UnconfirmedLowN. Kaiser2011-10-26
by h.ogi
12 Translate hard coded stringsGoogle Contacts 0.6.35?PendingLowh.ogi2011-10-16
by h.ogi
55 Shortcuts to change priorityPS 0.6.13?NewLowh.ogi2011-07-31
by h.ogi
42 Tag Toolbar: Tag buttons in message header area?PendingLowThomas Wolff2011-07-21
by h.ogi
35 New condition for Filter Rules: "is in my list"Other?PendingLow2011-07-21
by h.ogi
39 Visualization's type per tag category0.8.34?PendingLowPiotr Dobrogost2011-07-21
by h.ogi
41 OAuth for Google ContactsGC 0.6.35?NewLowIldar Mulyukov2011-07-19
by h.ogi
99 issues are found.
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