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Issue Tracking System

Issue Tracking System

You can file bugs and requests for the following extensions:

  • Google Contacts
  • Tag Toolbar
  • Maximize Message Pane
  • Priority Switcher
  • Check and Send
  • New Tab Button
  • Get before Send
  • Evernote Tab
  • EnForward?
  • Format Column (Songbird extension)

And, of course, you can request new extension, too.


Format is similar to Wiki. So you can easily write if you know original wiki's format. However, some format is extended originally. See TextFormattingRulesEn for details (see TextFormattingRules for Japanese).

Please write in English or Japanese.


  • Before you click the Submit button, check "I'm not a spammer" and uncheck "I'm a spammer". Otherwise, your post will be rejected. (Temporally disabled to train a spam filter.)
  • If you see Internal Server Error after you submit an issue, your post is judged as a spam by a filter. I'll check a filter log periodically and recover your post. Please don't multi-post.
  • See Active tickets and confirm your bug or request is already submitted or not. If it exists, add your comment to the ticket.
  • If status of your bug becomes Unconfirmed, I cannot reproduce it yet. Please give me more feedback.
  • Specify extension name and version in Version field. When you request a new extension, input Other to this field. You can use the following abbreviations for extension names:
    • GC (Google Contacts)
    • TTB (Tag Toolbar)
    • MMP (Maximize Message Pane)
    • PS (Priority Switcher)
    • CAS (Check and Send)
    • NTB (New Tab Button)
    • GBS (Get before Send)
    • ENT (Evernote Tab)
    • ENF (EnForward?)
    • FC (Format Column)
Google Contacts 0.6.35
  • Write your environment for bug reporting using the following example.
[OS] Windows 7

[Application] Thunderbird 3.1.10

[Themes] list all themes you installed

[Extensions] list all extensions you installed

Add a new ticket

If you see Internal Server Error after you submit an issue, your post is judged as a spam by a filter. I'll check a filter log periodically and recover your post. Please don't multi-post.


Active tickets

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

316 Transfer (move) tags between categories not working0.9 + 32.3.0?NewHighyard2017-09-15
by yard
286 TB, tag toolbar, tags chosen in compose-window are not saved0.8.35TB 38.3.0UnconfirmedHighgretelchen2015-11-03
by gretelchen
293 Google Contacts is incompatible with Thunderbird
by GAR
282 "Password for google contacts"0.7.12PendingHighJohn24-09-2015
by ramatomo
285 "Password for google contacts"0.7.13b1?NewHighKlaus2015-06-29
by dethearth
279 Priority Switcher 0.16.4 + Thunderbird 31.3.0: Error with character Encoding change0.16.4?NewHighGrateful User2015-05-26
by Grateful User
280 Google contacts breaks charset menu in TB0.7.12?NewHighTaraman2015-04-04
by Taraman
275 Google Contacts doesn't seem to be working!0.7.12?NewHighJohn2014-09-11
by John
132 Tag bar and Lightning Today Pane overlapTTB 0.8.35?NewHighh.ogi2014-08-22
by Jörg
236 New contacts in TB does not make it to GMailGC 0.7.12?NewHighBhavbhuti2014-04-06
by Paul Wermer
232 同期不具合0.7.12?NewHighMasa2013-07-04
by Masa
216 TB upload to Google contact still does not workGC 0.7.11?NewHighYvan2013-05-03
by Yvan
321 Up / Down function in Tag Toolbar edit function does not work0.9.00?NewNormalsteve2018-03-01
by steve
320 TTB in Thunderbird does not work52.5.2?NewNormalBreite_Gu@web.de2018-01-26
319 validate receiver field in combination with mail subject1.0.1.1?NewNormalMaCXyLo2017-11-16
by MaCXyLo
317 Tag toolbar doesn't add existing tag to new maillatest?NewNormalV S Rawat2017-10-13
by V S Rawat
318 tag toolbar doesn't put newly created tag in tag list barlatest?NewNormalV S Rawat2017-10-13
by V S Rawat
315 CAS with different accounts does not work correctly1.0.11?NewNormalRalf2017-06-20
by Ralf
107 Two different contacts which share an e-mail are mangled together23?NewNormalDan2017-02-11
by name
306 ENF: Add option to hide OneNote/Evernote from context menu0.3.20?NewNormalBceylon2016-07-29
by Bceylon
304 ENF breaks Select-All and Copy on TB47.00.3.20?NewNormalMitra2016-07-02
by Mitra
260 Google Contacts could use an option for manual syncGC 0.7.12?NewNormalanonymous2015-10-28
by John
292 Password for Google Contacts NOT acceptedGC 0.7.13b1?NewNormaljohnG2015-09-30
by johnG
290 Toolbar Icon for EnForward0.3.20?NewNormalKeith Collyer2015-08-01
by Keith Collyer
289 Google Contacts is incomptible with Thunderbird P2015-07-29
by John P
283 Google Contacts stopped working, oAuth required0.7.12?PendingNormalScott2015-06-10
by Elisa
284 Contacts constantly requires a password in Thunderbird and it never works0.7.12?NewNormalDave2015-06-10
by Dave
170 New added contact duplicated more than 20 times (Thunderbird and Google)GC 0.6.40?NewNormalKetty2015-01-09
by Timothy Quinn
164 Google Contacts: [Auth] 403: ForbiddenGC0.6.40?ReopenedNormaldtcw2014-12-23
by Spike
277 EnForward Request - change in taggingENF0.3.20?NewNormalChrisGillanders2014-10-04
by ChrisGillanders
276 Google Contact0.7.12?NewNormalio2014-10-01
by io
272 Tag Toolbar への要望0.8.35?NewNormal皓い鴉2014-08-08
by 皓い鴉
264 Tbird GC0.7.12 BugGC 0.7.12?NewNormalGS2014-06-02
by GS
266 Request: Delete duplicate recipientsCAS 0.9.27?NewNormalJon2014-06-02
by Jon
255 "Search Tags" does nothing in Tag ToolbarTTB 0.8.35?NewNormalbsh53g@gmail.com2014-05-23
172 Uncategorized phone numbers from Google not synced with TB, changes not synced0.6.40?NewNormalkellner2014-04-27
244 Can I also sync Personal Adress Book?GC 0.7.12?NewNormalAndreasR2014-02-09
by George Worley
253 GC does not show gmail groups in Thunderbird after Win 7 upgrade0.7.12?NewNormaldanielnk2014-01-11
by danielnk
246 Tag Toolbar tags all messages in collapsed threadTTB 0.8.35?NewNormalktan@realityartisans.com2013-11-17
245 Request: sync Google Apps DirectoryGC 0.7.12?NewNormalanonymous2013-11-17
by anonymous
191 Please add the option to sync Thunderbird's default address book (GC)GC 0.6.41?NewNormalventhur at debian dot org2013-11-17
by AndreasR
248 Google Contact groups being duplicating many timesGC 0.7.12?NewNormalKevin H2013-11-17
by Kevin H
240 TB doesn't sync Google contacts with a single-character "date" field in birthdayGC 0.7.12?NewNormaljtarvainen2013-09-23
by jtarvainen
237 Do not warn about going onlineGC 0.7.12?NewNormalMcGuire2013-08-12
by McGuire
234 Does Not Syn All Google Contacts in the Groups in Thunderbird Address Book0.7.12?NewNormalanonymous2013-08-11
by Chris S.
233 Sync problem for SOME fields (function, company name) with Google Contacts0.7.12?NewNormalaldericd@yahoo.com2013-07-13
231 GC not workingGC 0.7.11?NewNormalitredler2013-07-04
by itredler
229 Selected e-mail address in GC group does not show up in TBGC 0.7.12?NewNormalPiet Vredeveld2013-07-04
by Piet Vredeveld
228 Copy multiple Addresses failsGC 0.7.11?NewNormalR Wilkes2013-06-10
by R Wilkes
220 Add recepients check for noreply@...CAS 0.9.26?NewNormalh.ogi2013-05-10
by h.ogi
217 Contact not pushed to Google Contact if added details under ProfessionalGC 0.7.11?NewNormalAlexandre2013-05-10
by Alexandre
215 Upload from Thunderbird to google not quite working with 0.7.11GC 0.7.11?NewNormalYvan2013-05-02
by Yvan
201 Google Contacts Not loading after initial setup0710?NewNormalTodd2013-04-28
by h.ogi
213 Adding a new contact for google contacts did not work, had to manually enter it on google itselfGC 0.7.11?NewNormalernie2013-04-27
by ernie
211 two way identificationGC 0.7.10?NewNormalulmus2013-04-14
by ulmus
208 Not all contacts showing up0.7.10?NewNormalRobH2013-04-13
by RobH
206 Unresponse ScriptGC 0.7.10?NewNormaljsmedley2013-03-19
by jsmedley
203 Google Contacs Add on0.7.10?NewNormalTim2013-03-14
by Tim
192 Google Contacts didn't show/import email-addresses0.7?UnconfirmedNormalberndw2013-03-09
by Fran M.
173 Google Contacts 0.6.40 Bug0.6.40?PendingNormaledber2013-03-05
by h.ogi
179 How do I synch contacts in lists other than "Personal Address Book"?TB 15.0/GC 6.40?NewNormalJim2013-03-05
by h.ogi
199 Check and Send should only change name if my address book has a name.CAS 0.9.25?NewNormalJonathan2013-03-03
by Jonathan
175 Twenty-Four Thousand replicate contact entriesGoogle Contacts 0.6.40?NewNormalBrock2013-01-31
by Jussi Tarvainen
190 Google Contact "Sync every x hours" not workingGC 0.6.41?NewNormalWalt DeMoss2013-01-31
by Walt DeMoss
189 constant "script" problems with Thunderbird0.6.41?NewNormalkenfree2013-01-28
by kenfree
188 Slowing down of whisperer (GC)GC 0.6.40?NewNormalVaclav Kunt2013-01-26
by Vaclav Kunt
182 Multiple tags in toolbar to function as filter NOT additiveLatest?NewNormalJohn2012-12-01
by John
176 Different contacts with same email-address are merged0.6.40?NewNormalpk2012-11-21
by pk
116 Uncontrolled duplication in gmailGoogle Contacts 0.6.40?NewNormalBillJ2012-10-23
by TiagoTiago
169 Improvement - Google Contacts 0.6.35GC 0.6.35?NewNormalParesh2012-08-17
by Paresh
168 Google Contacts is Trashing our Google Address booksGC0.6.40?NewNormalGary.Alderson@Aldersoft.CA2012-08-08
by Gary.Alderson@Aldersoft.CA
165 dupllicate contacts caused by Google Contacts addon?NewNormal2012-08-07
163 TB eating up memory and status "[Retreive] 200: Ok"GC0.6.41b1?NewNormalJvdG2012-08-07
by JvdG
167 Google Contacts behaves poorly when multiple TB windows openGC0.6.40?NewNormaljik@kamens.us2012-08-07
166 dupllicate contacts cause performance issues when using Google Contacts addonvarious?NewNormalvseerror@lehigh.edu2012-08-07
138 Google contacts not showing in address bookGC 0.6.39?NewNormalAlex2012-05-29
by Alex
137 Changes to Google Contacts Due to Google 2 Factor AuthenticationGC 0.6.40?NewNormal2012-05-12
by scoxintn
135 "working directory change" doesn't accept a changeGC 0.6.40?NewNormalkhelmsch_de2012-04-22
by khelmsch_de
122 Google Contacts & Tbird Personal Address BookGC 0.6.41b1?NewNormalLanceW2012-03-24
by renejakl
128 while RELOAD Google contacts to Thunderbird 11.0 each! contact is duplicated as mail listGC 0.6.40?NewNormalkhelmsch_de2012-03-24
by khelmsch_de
119 Google Contacts 0.6.40?NewNormalAssaf Yavnai2012-02-04
by Assaf Yavnai
118 Contacts are not syncing with Google contacts0.6.40?PendingNormal2012-02-02
by T. Ragheb
114 GCGC 0.6.40?NewNormalPeter2012-01-08
by Peter
111 Address Book lists deleted from Thunderbird0.6.40b6?UnconfirmedNormalEd Belove2011-12-21
by EB
103 Removable default google contact groups and sync on demandGC 0.6.39?NewNormalNyugi2011-11-06
by Nyugi
93 GC doesn't Upload new added contactsGC 0.6.40b2NewNormalinfo@bogy.be2011-10-24
81 Suggestion/Request for Google Contacts plug-inGC 0.6.37?NewNormalPreston2011-09-29
by Preston
49 Check and Sendに日付チェックを追加CAS 0.9.22?NewNormalh.ogi2011-07-21
by h.ogi
48 need option not to update the name if it is not in the address bookCAS 0.9.22?NewNormalh.ogi2011-07-21
by h.ogi
7 Ignore occurences in forwarded messageCheck and Send 0.9.21?NewNormalshat2011-05-03
by shat
6 Alert for sending attachmentsCheck and Send 0.9.21?NewNormalh.ogi2011-05-03
by h.ogi
142 Can't synchronise contacts without email address (they do have displayname) to GoogleGC 0.6.41b1?ReopenedLowBas2018-01-31
by Essay Writing Tip
28 Display bug when create a new mailTTB O.8.32?UnconfirmedLowN. Kaiser2011-10-26
by h.ogi
12 Translate hard coded stringsGoogle Contacts 0.6.35?PendingLowh.ogi2011-10-16
by h.ogi
55 Shortcuts to change priorityPS 0.6.13?NewLowh.ogi2011-07-31
by h.ogi
42 Tag Toolbar: Tag buttons in message header area?PendingLowThomas Wolff2011-07-21
by h.ogi
39 Visualization's type per tag category0.8.34?PendingLowPiotr Dobrogost2011-07-21
by h.ogi
35 New condition for Filter Rules: "is in my list"Other?PendingLow2011-07-21
by h.ogi
41 OAuth for Google ContactsGC 0.6.35?NewLowIldar Mulyukov2011-07-19
by h.ogi
99 issues are found.

Closed tickets (last 10 tickets)

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

198 impossible to create contact in TB for upload to GmailGC 0.7?ClosedNormalanonymous2017-08-01
by revia
104 [REQUEST] put New Evernote Tab button on a toolbarENT 0.1.14ENT 0.1.15ClosedNormalGary Lane2017-06-18
by h.ogi
134 Title in tabs becomes "Loading ... "ENT 0.1.14?ClosedNormalh.ogi2017-06-18
by h.ogi
267 malfunction with Mail Merge 3.7.1TTB 0.8.35?ClosedNormalmichel@blume.fr2017-06-18
by h.ogi
269 [ENF] Keyboard Shortcut0.3.20ENF0.4.00ClosedNormalCasey Becking2017-06-18
by h.ogi
281 Not working in thunderbird v24.
by h.ogi
288 XML Parsing Error: undefined entity settings.xul Line 147 Column 6: <listheader0.8.35TTB0.9.00ClosedLowbruce@brucereed.com2017-06-18
by h.ogi
268 Thunderbird Extension for CarddavOther?ClosedNormalBobS2017-06-18
by h.ogi
180 TTBTTB0.8.35?ClosedNormalkjk252017-06-18
by h.ogi
239 TagToolbar addonlatest version?ClosedNormalAdmin2017-06-18
by h.ogi
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