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"Password for google contacts"

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Hey dev,

Just recently I started getting the following window when launching Thunderbird..

"Password for google contacts Enter your password for"

I have typed in the correct password but it just closes and pops back up. I can send and receive email just fine via the referred gmail account and I even logged into its web interface with the known password and everything works fine. However, Google Contacts refuses to accept the password. I tried removing/adding the add-on but same problem. I am not sure what caused this issue. Maybe a recent Thunderbird update? I am using Thunderbird 31.7.0.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!


Merlin (2015-05-27 (Wed) 05:19:12)

I too am having this exact same problem. Google has a little form you can use to reset locked passwords on devices found here...

I tried this link and even this did not solve the problem. I am using the free version of google apps for business.

Eugene (2015-05-27 (Wed) 05:34:13)

Same issue here. Window popping up even when I type the correct password and choose to save it. The window is clearly from Google Contacts extension, because it disappears when I disable the extension. I am using Thunderbird 31.7.0 too.

Matt Hobbie (2015-05-27 (Wed) 05:37:44)

Same problem. Just started happening today. Using Thunderbird 31.7.0 in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Tapio (2015-05-27 (Wed) 06:52:38)

Tapio (2015-05-27 (Wed) 06:55:17)

Same here (Xubuntu 14.04, GC 0.7.12, TB 3.17)

Raman (2015-05-27 (Wed) 07:27:04)

I see a 404 error in the toolbar when attempting the authentication. Google has been warning developers for a while about changes in their auth system -- perhaps those changes have affected this extension?

Merlin (2015-05-27 (Wed) 07:53:47)

This is clearly coming from google.

Tracy (2015-05-27 (Wed) 08:24:24)

I am having this problem too on multiple computers. Google Contacts was already installed on all computers.

TonyB (2015-05-27 (Wed) 10:21:17)

Same problem on Ubuntu 14.04LTS... Thunderbird 31.7.0

Password was correct, able to connect to gmail & contacts via browser using same password, that TB-extension ignores.

Andy (2015-05-27 (Wed) 10:29:52)

Same problem. Started today. GC 0.7.13b1 and TB 31.7.0

Bruce (2015-05-27 (Wed) 13:46:32)

Exact same problem as listed above... latest Thunderbird and Contacts plug-in

David Irwin (2015-05-27 (Wed) 15:48:01)

This problem started today for me as well. I tried the password link for Google but the issue is not resolved. All is well with gmail and all other access. The issue is this plugin connecting to Google.

Alfinfrance (2015-05-27 (Mercredi) 16:33:57)

Exactly the same problem here with TB 31.7.0 on Windows 7 and Google Contacts 0.7.12.

Nice plugin btw.

Petr Vanek (2015-05-27 (Wed) 18:05:18)

i can confirm the same as above. I am using the free version of google apps for business TB36 on Debian Linux Tested both stable and beta version (0.7.13b1) of Google contacts Error messages in status bar: [Auth]404 not found Failed to authorize <email>

sallustius (2015-05-27 (Mit) 18:32:22)

Can confirm the same behavior. This started on 26-05-2015 for me. Thunderbird 38.0.1 on OpenSuse 13.2.

Melanie (2015-05-27 (Mercredi) 18:45:03)

I confirm the same problem on computers in my company (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Thunderbird 31.7) Just if someone find a solution, please send a comment on this form to help us ! thank you

Ralf (2015-05-27 (Mit) 19:23:44)

I confirm the same Problem with actual TB. Here is my LOG: Retrieving Google Contacts ... New contacts object. Serial: 0 Yield weight: 100 start listening ... URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-1.mab First sync done: false Sync mode: 2 Sync Contacts in SEQ. Rests are 0 Reload contacts every 1 hours. [Auth] 404: Not Found auth again [Auth] 404: Not Found auth again stop listening ... URI is null

Petr Vanek (2015-05-27 (Wed) 19:37:22)

OK, here is some (i believe relevant) info:

Void (2015-05-27 (Wed) 23:09:00)

I am experiencing this as well.

JD (2015-05-27 (Wed) 23:17:00)

Same problem here (Win7, TB 31.6.0, Google Contacts 0.7.12)

Brian (2015-05-28 (Thr) 00:26:02)

Same problem just started for me a day ago!

[OS] Windows 7 [Application] Thunderbird 31.7.0 [Themes] N/A [Extensions] Google Contacts 0.7.12

Paul (2015-05-28 (Thr) 00:38:59)

Same problem Win 8.1 Thunderbird 31.7 extensions google contacts 0 7 12

Konrad (2015-05-28 (Thr) 01:47:36)

Same problem here. Authentication issues, I believe. When I go to Tools>Open Google Contacts Web, it gives me this error message "We are sorry, but you do not have access to Contacts. Please contact your domain administrator for access." Just noticed this today. Obviously worked before. Google contacts address book is still there and accessible from the address books, but I doubt it is synchronizing anymore.

Roland (2015-05-28 (Don) 03:13:34)

Same problem, wants password and doesn't accept app-password (which works in another application!):

Win 8 Thunderbird 31.7.0 Extension google contacts 0.7.12

Jim (2015-05-28 (Don) 07:15:57)

same prblem win 7 thunderbird 31.7.0 thanks for solution

Arnold (2015-05-28 (Thr) 08:14:38)

I also have the same problem. It started a couple of days ago. I Uninstalled Google Contacts and Reinstalled...sill have the problem.

Google Contacts 0.7.12 Thunderbird 31.7.0 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Azuvector (2015-05-28 (Thr) 09:18:16)

Also been having this problem for the last few days, after years of successful usage in Thunderbird. Also agree that this is likely due to an API change on Google's end of things.

Robert (28-05-2015 (Gio) 15:38:51)

[Auth] 404: Not found

Always working good before may 26 on thunderbird 31.7.0 WIN7 64bit

Mike (2015-05-28 (Thr) 17:11:37)

I believe the problem is caused by the fact that Google contacts is now a separate application from G-mail.

Probably nothing to be done until there is a dev fix?

Valentin (2015-05-28 (Jeudi) 17:22:50)

Same problem. Do you have an issue ?

John Smith (2015-05-28 (Thr) 17:50:25)

Petr Vanek seems to be on the right track. I have an entry for an OAuth Token for the Provider for Google Calendar and it works perfectly. There is no OAuth Token for Google Contacts 0.7.12

IanS (2015-05-28 (Thr) 17:53:02)

It seems that a Google API has been deprecated, and now that authentication method has been withdrawn

Of gContactsync (a similar add-on, the developer wrote:

"The major change in version 2.0 is switching to OAuth2 for authentication because Google deprecated the ClientLogin method that previous versions of gContactSync used (it will no longer be supported in April 2015)"

And in a later blog post:

"Google deprecated the old method called ClientLogin, so version 2 switched over to OAuth2, which is more secure since you don’t have to provide the application with your password."

I really hope that the developer og Google Contacts is still supporting the add-onm and that this can be fixed

Khalys (2015-05-28 (Jeudi) 22:41:45)

Yep same here. Google change is API so this nice extentions need to be updated if the dev is still ready to do that of course. I think I will donate if it is because this extention is very nice for linking Thunderbird and iPhone :D

Katip (2015-05-29 (Fri) 02:33:05)

This guy's got it:

Contacts Trouble Explained by Max Jalon on May 27, 2015 Google has totally revamped it's "Google Contacts". It's an extra application now and no longer part of "Mail". So this plug-in will have to be reprogrammed in greater parts. I hope it doesn't last too long. Maybe we should donate to the author (again)?

Meanwhile edit your contact directly on the new "Google Contacts" page:

Pedro (2015-05-29 (Fre) 03:03:17)

Same Problem with Google Contacts Version 0.7.12 and Password Phrase

Simon (2015-05-29 (Fre) 10:51:06)

Same Problem here.

Martin (2015-05-29 (Fri) 15:32:29)

Same problem. It worked before and started a couple of days ago. I also hope that the developer is still supporting the add-on - and am happy to donate to the author.

Regis (2015-05-29 (Vendredi) 20:31:41)

Same problem since Mai 25. Using the current TB. And the free Google Contact add in

Daniel (2015-05-29 (Fri) 20:41:31)

Exactly the same problem. That's too bad because this add-on worked wonders. Now it's useless until fixed. Hope the dev finds the time to fix the issue soon.

Mick Sulley (2015-05-30 (Sat) 21:23:41)

Same problem for me. Running TB 31.7.0 on Mint 17 with GC 0.7.12 and also running Icedove 31.7.0 on Debian Wheezy 7.8 with GC 0.7.12

Corey (2015-05-30 (Sat) 21:24:19)

Thunder Bird 31.7.0 Google Contacts 0.7.12 Requesting pass since 2015-05-28 Sync Contacts in SEQ. Rests are 0 [Auth] 404: Not Found auth again stop listening ... URI is null

Neil (2015-05-31 (Sun) 16:09:02)

Same. TB31.7.0 Windows 8.1 GC 0.7.12. Been happening the last few days.

Majid Tajamolian (2015-05-31 (Sun) 19:41:37)

I confirm the problem. Google Contacts 0.7.12 on TB 31.4.0 on LMDE. The matter as the others said, is google changes.

Dane (2015-06-01 (Mon) 06:45:28)

Same problem here.

Julius (2015-06-01 (Mon) 15:21:25)

Same problem. Such a great app! Please solve the problem!

David (2015-06-02 (Die) 02:55:37)

Same problem here.

Bardo (2015-06-02 (Tue) 11:37:40)

Seems we're farked. Author doesn't work look like he "works here" anymore, and doesn't respond to emails.

Achim (2015-06-02 (Die) 23:37:19)

Same Problem Thunderbird version 3.17 and Contact Version 07.12

Mauri (03-06-2015 (Mer) 23:46:20)

Same problem here! Thunderbird 31.7.0 & google contacts version 0.7.12

Gentry (2015-06-03 (Wed) 23:54:49)

I have the same issue. TB 31.7.0 and GC 0.7.12.

Vossy (2015-06-04 (Thr) 01:51:45)

I think we ALL have the same problem. No need to add more post here unless something changed

Vossy (2015-06-14 (Sun) 14:51:55)

Seems to work again! Without an update of the add-on. What is your experience?

Kim (2015-06-20 (Sat) 07:04:08)

Thunderbird 38 supports 'Google OAuth2' that would do it! Working for me I think - no error message any way.

stm (2015-06-23 (Die) 05:22:50)

TB 80.0.1 and still the error and no snyc.

Do I have to do anything to activate OAuth2?

stm (2015-06-23 (Die) 05:23:44)

TB 38.0.1 of course

stm (2015-06-23 (Die) 05:32:37)

to make it clear: with TB38 and OAuth2 I was able to add my gmail IMAP Mail account to TB, but this is not the thing we are talking here about: for my gmail/google contacts addressbook with Google Contacts add-on there is still the "enter your password" error window. Again and Again.

mk (2015-06-23 (Tue) 18:03:56)

Same problem

gh3545 (2015-06-25 (Thr) 04:08:13)

It was actually working for a day or so. I verified contact changes in both directions from TB to iPhone. Now it continually requests a password again.

stm (2015-06-25 (Don) 09:01:24)

and now it is deactivated by TB itself: it is not compatible with TB 38.0.1


Does anyone has contact to the plugin author?

Pedro (2015-06-26 (Fre) 08:25:16)

same Problem as above: and now it is deactivated by TB itself: it is not compatible with TB 38.0.1 Please make an update!!!!

Vossy (2015-06-27 (Sat) 16:16:01)

It worked for me on Jun 14. After Kim's post I installed TB 38. After that same problem as before :(

Vossy (2015-06-27 (Sat) 16:34:05)

I switched to gContactSync add-on. Works fine so far.

Timothy Quinn (2015-07-21 (Tue) 02:24:20)

Had the same problem here. Just got a message that the add-on is disabled as "Google Contacts is incompatible with Thunderbird 38.1.0".

Jazzy112 (2015-08-18 (Tue) 11:27:49)

Now that Thunderbird supports Oauth2, please fix this extension. I never realized how much I rely on this extension everyday. I have tried gContactSync before, but found it buggy. I also am at TB 38.2.0.

ramatomo (24-09-2015 (Gio) 15:49:11)

Same Problem Thunderbird version 24.6.0 and Contact Version 07.12

h.ogi (2018-08-24 (金) 22:38:57)


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