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Can't synchronise contacts without email address (they do have displayname) to Google

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GC 0.6.41b1


[OS] Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) [Application] Thunderbird 14 [Themes] only default [Extensions] AddressBookTab?, CompactHeader?, ContactTab?, Enigmail, Google Contacts, Identity Chooser, Lightning, Google Calendar Provider for Lightning, ThunderBirthDay?

I noticed that if I copy contacts from my local address book to my Google account, the contact won't appear in the Google account if the contact doesn't have an email address. I am aware of the notice on your website: > At least one of a primary email or a display name must have > a value. It is a limitation of Google and Thunderbird.

And all of my contacts in the local Thunderbird address book have a display name. Still, after copying, the contacts fail to show up in the Google address book. The plugin works absolutely great for contacts with an email address!

There are no errors or warnings in the error console, but when starting 'thunderbird -console', it prints a long list of 'Does not have a primary address' messages. If I then copy the problematic contact from Thunderbird to Google, it prints some debugging information about the current people in "My Contacts", but no warnings or errors. Note that the status bar of the Address Book window shows "1 contact copied", even though it doesn't appear. I tried hitting "Reload", didn't work.

It can easily be reproduced by creating a contact in the local address book with only first name, last name, and display name (no email address). Then, try to copy it to the Google address book (I use "My Contacts"), and it will fail to show up.

Hope you can fix this, it is really the only thing that keeps me from transferring all of my contacts to my Google account using your marvellous plugin!

Many thanks,



h.ogi (2012-08-12 (日) 19:16:05)

When you add a card to a list, it must have an email address, even if it has a display name.

It is a limitation of Thunderbird. As you did, it seems you succeed to add a card to a list by drag and drop. But if you double-click the list, the card does not appear since it does not have an address. And if you close the dialog by OK button, the card is removed from the list.

Adding a fake email address is a workaround so far.

h.ogi (2013-02-02 (土) 22:09:52)


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