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GC doesn't Upload new added contacts

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GC 0.6.40b2


OS: Win7 App: Thunderbird 7.0.1 (Dutch version) Theme: Nuvola 1.11 Extensions installed:

 * Google Calender Tab
 * Google Contacts
 * Extra Folder Comumns
 * Spellchecker US & British English

Plugins installed:

 * Java 7
 * Shockwave Flash
 * Shockwave for Director
 * Silverlight Plug-in 4.0.60831.0
 * Windows Live Photogallery 15.4.3538.513
 * Acrobat Reader (Disabled)

Problem Description; Since a week or two (i don't know since when exactly) i noticed that when i Add an email adress through thunderbird, it doesn't get synced to my gmail adressbook anymore. This is very annoying as now i noticed that i've lost all the adresses that i've added the last weeks and i can't add any new ones.

The thing is; i can add new ones, but as soon as i 'Sync' them, they get lost. So the syncing seems to happen in a one way direction instead of two-way. In the past there was no problem as it always worked before. Then syncmode from your plugin (GC) has always been set to 'interactive' and also the option to 'ask before delete' has been set; although i never got any notification when a contact got deleted (also before when syncing towards gmail worked).

I hope you can resolve this problem, if you need extra help from me (logs or something like that) i'd be glad to help you as i do think your plugin is a good tool.


h.ogi (2011-10-18 (火) 23:50:48)

First, please try v0.6.40b2. It includes fixes in adding a card.

If v0.6.40b2 cannot solve the issue, please send me a log. You can take a log by the following steps:

  1. open option and select Experimental tab
  2. enable "Take a log" option and press OK
  3. reproduce the issue
  4. go back to the option and click Open log button
  5. you'll see a log is opened. Please send it to azarasister AT

For the 'ask before delete', it only works for Batch mode.

h.ogi (2011-10-18 (火) 23:53:13)

I forgot to paste a download link. (2011-10-24 (Mon) 02:03:42)

I tried the 40b2 ... With this one i can add new items indeed... but there's another problem with this one... it doesn't sync items which were made with gmail or my android phone... (example: on a sub-list in one of my books there should be around 65 adresses; in TB i only get 42... ) no matter how many times i press sync or restart TB. It are also new adresses which the plugin doesn't see; with phone number, mail adress, everything in it...

The ones i make with the plugin though are now being found on my phone (android) and on my regular gmail... (although that should indeed give the same result; or those would have bugs too :) )

h.ogi (2018-10-08 (月) 00:03:25)

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