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Records refused when moved from other address book

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I earlier reported an error (ticket 76) that is closed. It has tot do with the rejection of records that are moved from one address book to the one that has to be synced with Google.

You suggested that not having my address book reloaded from Google is the cause of my problem. However i am aware of this, and it is not the cause of the problem. When i move say 20 records at one time, only let's say 12 reach the other address book. The process stops somewhere. So I tried moving them one by one. Then I mostly get the message the record has been synced. But suddenly and in an unpredictable way a record is refused an will not sync.

Stangely enough most of these records will get accepted if I move a few other record first en then try again the record that first got refused. Only a few (about 5%) could not be moved. I had to enter them manually. They all had names, display names, valid e-mail-addresses etc.


h.ogi (2011-10-11 (火) 21:25:26)

Is it possible to reproduce it now? If possible, please send me a log as follows:

  1. open option and enable "Take a log" in the experimental tab
  2. reproduce the issue
  3. go back to the option and click Open log
  4. send the log to azarasister AT

If you don't want to show your privacy information such as email address, please mask it. All I want to see is an error message.

h.ogi (2011-10-16 (日) 23:06:49)

Maybe, it is due to the copying many cards at once. If it is a problem, v0.6.40b2 will solve the issue.

Hans (2011-11-04 (Fri) 01:26:54)

hello, sorry for not answering, I was busy. I tried to reproduce the reported problem. What I did was moving the addressbook to be synced to a backup and back again. This works fine now. I do not want to do any further experiments, because I have hundreds of contacts that I need for my business. The risk of losing something is to big. Sorry.

I have a suggestion though: is it possible that the refusal of a moved contact has to do with the contents (name, email addresses, address fields, notes, etc.)? I do not know about the database of TB, but I have made a lot of changes in the past and used several add-ons. Maybe the remains of former changes cause problems? This suggestion is base on the observation that entering the same content in a newly created record does not cause any problems. I have no other addons for my contacts at the moment and have no recent problems, except for mailinglists (see other report).

Thanks for all the work you do.

h.ogi (2012-01-29 (日) 03:07:53)


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