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Google contacts without email addresses do not always get pseudo email address created

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I have multiple contacts without email addresses. (Phone numbers only.) Contacts inside a group but without an email address are not seen in the relevant Thunderbird mailing list/group. I can only see them in them in the overall contact list. If I select the "Add a pseudo email ..." option it still doesn't work.

I think this is only happening for contacts I created with Thunderbird and then moved to the google address book but I haven't been able to test much at this time.


Torrey (2011-08-10 (Wed) 15:43:05)

I forgot to add that this is Thunderbird 5 on Windows 7.

anonymous (2011-08-11 (Thr) 09:00:49)

I think I've confirmed the issue that causes this problem. I moved a lot of contacts from my Personal Address Book to the Google Contacts entry when I first started using the plugin. It synced everything up great. However, the plugin won't create a pseudo email address for those contacts unless I edit them in google contacts. I just added a nickname to a couple of contacts that showed the original problem - No pseudo email created - and on restart they now show a pseduo email address.

Here's how you should be able to reproduce this problem.

1- Create a new contact in Thunderbird with no email address. Add it to the Personal Address Book 2 - Drag the contact to the Google Contacts listing. 3 - If it syncs correctly quit Thunderbird. 4 - Go into Google contacts and add the contact to a group. Don't change any contact entries. Just add it to a group 5 - Start Thunderbird. You should not be able to see the contact in the group. 6 - Quit Thunderbird 7 - Go into Google contacts and change anything in the previously created entry. I added a nickname. 8 - Start Thunderbird and you should see it now in the proper group with a pseudo email address.

h.ogi (2011-08-27 (土) 01:46:48)

As I mentioned above, Thunderbird does not allow to add a card without email address to a mail list. Drag and drop seems to be able to add such a card to a list, but it will disappear when you edit the list.

So, the extension assumes such cards will not added to a list in Thunderbird. That's why a pseudo email is not created at Thunderbird side. The option only works for Google -> Thunderbird way.

Torrey (2011-08-28 (Sun) 10:19:34)

At the time I only added them to the top level Google address book entry. (The all contacts view.) Not to a specific Group/List. After adding them I went into GMail/Contacts and added them to a group. If I don't change the contact, and it doesn't have an email address, it won't show in Thunderbird group/list.

If I edit any field in the Gmail/Contacts screen - Any field - and reload the address book it will then get a pseudo email address and show in the group.

h.ogi (2011-09-04 (日) 00:11:16)

If I edit any field in the Gmail/Contacts screen - Any field - and reload the address book it will then get a pseudo email address and show in the group.

This will not be needed in v0.6.37.

h.ogi (2011-09-04 (日) 20:50:38)

Won't fix. Closed.

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