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A contact entry with phone numbers displayed online (web) Google contacts does not display phone numbers in GC 0.6.35

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GC 0.6.35
GC 0.6.37


Here are the contact details source...

<entry xmlns="" xmlns:openSearch="" xmlns:gContact="" xmlns:batch="" xmlns:gd="">
 <app:edited xmlns:app="">2011-07-19T23:25:00.912Z</app:edited>
 <category scheme="" term=""/>
 <title>Guy Tingos</title>
 <link rel="" type="image/*" href=""/>
 <link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml" href=""/>
 <link rel="edit" type="application/atom+xml" href=""/>
   <gd:fullName>Guy Tingos</gd:fullName>
 <gContact:priority rel="low"/>
 <gd:email rel="" address="" primary="true"/>
 <gd:email rel="" address=""/>
 <gd:phoneNumber rel="">805-453-8869</gd:phoneNumber>
 <gd:phoneNumber rel="">805-681-5600</gd:phoneNumber>
 <gd:phoneNumber label="grandcentral">805-224-5049</gd:phoneNumber>
 <gd:phoneNumber rel="">805-681-0026</gd:phoneNumber>
 <gd:phoneNumber rel="">888-888-8888</gd:phoneNumber>
 <gd:structuredPostalAddress rel="">
   <gd:formattedAddress>5049 Walnut Park Dr.,Santa Barbara, CA  93111</gd:formattedAddress>
   <gd:street>5049 Walnut Park Dr.</gd:street>
   <gd:city>Santa Barbara</gd:city>
 <gd:extendedProperty name="workAddrTB" value="WorkAddress2=/WorkCity=/WorkState=/WorkZipCode=/WorkCountry="/>
 <gd:extendedProperty name="homeAddrTB" value="HomeAddress2=/HomeCity=/HomeState=/HomeCountry=/HomeZipCode="/>
 <gd:extendedProperty name="contactTB" value="PreferMailFormat=0/allowRemoteContent="/>
 <gContact:groupMembershipInfo deleted="false" href=""/>
 <gContact:groupMembershipInfo deleted="false" href=""/>
 <gContact:groupMembershipInfo deleted="false" href=""/>


h.ogi (2011-07-21 (木) 21:30:27)

What phone number are not synchronized? All?

Jamie (2011-07-27 (Wed) 00:12:23)

Yes, all phone numbers are missing.

PS. I apologize for the double submission. My first attempt produced an error message, so I assumed that it didn't work. Sorry.

h.ogi (2011-07-27 (水) 23:10:03)

Thanks. I'll try to reproduce the issue using your example.

Please note the following custom labeled phone number is not appear in Thunderbird.

<gd:phoneNumber label="grandcentral">805-224-5049</gd:phoneNumber>

And sorry for the error message. Your post was judged as a spam by a filter. I'll periodically check filter log and recover the post rejected wrongly. So, please wait if you see Internal Server Error after you submit.

jamie (2011-07-27 (Wed) 23:40:57)

For what it's worth. I wondered about the Grandcentral number and whether it was causing the problem, so at one point I removed it, did a contact sync but still got the same result.


h.ogi (2011-07-30 (土) 22:30:10)

"grandcentral" phone causes the problem. phoneNumber should have rel attribute but it does not.

How did you create the entry?

h.ogi (2011-07-31 (日) 00:41:03)

Sorry, the above is wrong. Custom labeled phoneNumber should not have rel attribute. So, your data is correct.

I've fix the issue. Can you please test v0.6.37b1?

Jamie (2011-07-31 (Sun) 03:56:27)

Glad to test, but not sure what do to. I downloaded and extracted into folder named "gmcont0637b1.x-5.x". Please let me know what to do from here?


Jamie (2011-07-31 (Sun) 04:06:23)

Please ignore my previous note. Just (RTFM) and figured it out. Sorry for the noise....

So...installed, restarted TB (twice), verified I'm using 0.6.37b1 but still the same problem. Sorry.

h.ogi (2011-07-31 (日) 16:51:19)

Can you please click Reload button?

h.ogi (2011-07-31 (日) 16:55:06)

I've erased your email address in the 2011-07-31 (Sun) 03:56:27 post for privacy issue.

Jamie (2011-08-01 (Mon) 00:57:05)


I did click the Reload button (several times). Still the same result.

Maybe I should uninstall the Extention, then reinstall 6.37b1?

Tom (2011-08-05 (Fre) 22:21:16)


The Beta version solved a similar issue on addresses for me. Snyc failed on entries which have a custom label, e.g.

<gd:structuredPostalAddress label='B&#252;ro'>

instead of an entry like

<gd:structuredPostalAddress rel=''>


Torrey (2011-08-06 (Sat) 06:42:25)

I think I'm seeing the same issue in 0.6.36 and the 0.6.37b1.

Contacts without an email address do not get added to the group as mailing list entries. I can only see them in them in the overall contact list. If I select the "Add a pseudo email ..." option it still doesn't work.

If this isn't the same issue please let me know and I can file a new bug report.

BTW - Thanks for this extension. It's great.

h.ogi (2011-08-08 (月) 00:56:25)

To Jamie

You don't need to reinstall it. It seems that Google Contacts skip updating the card because the contact bound to the card is not updated.

Please try either of the followings:

  • disable Google Contacts and delete address book and then enable and reload again
  • update the contact at Gmail

Jamie (2011-08-08 (月) 23:17:32)

I edited and then saved the contact in Gmail (changed the pager number and created some "notes"), then reloaded and it worked. The phone numbers are (all) displayed. Thanks. I love this extention and now love it even more :-)

h.ogi (2011-08-08 (月) 23:22:05)

Thank you for the test. I'm glad to hear that.

h.ogi (2011-08-08 (月) 23:25:17)

To Torrey

It will be a different problem.

Please file new ticket and show me the details.

h.ogi (2011-08-09 (火) 22:35:51)


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