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Add Toodledo or generalize ENF

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I have been able to use ENF with Toodledo by simply using my Toodledo email address in the Evernote option tabs. The syntax is of course different so ENF limits what I can do automatically. This is the toodledo syntax: To add a task, send an email to your secret Toodledo email address with the task in the subject. In addition to the name of the task, you can also set the priority, due-date, folder, context and other values using a special syntax also available here (

   ! Priority - The default priority is "0 - Low". To set a higher priority use the ! character as many times as necessary. Typing !! would give your task a priority of "2-High".
   # Due-Date - To set a due-date, use the # symbol and then type the due-date. For example: "#today" or "#Next thursday" or "#5/12/08".
   > Start Date - To set the start date, use the > symbol and then the date. For example: ">tomorrow".
   * Star - To star a task use the * symbol by itself. For example: "My Task *".
   * Folder - To set the folder use the * symbol and then type the name of your folder. For example: "*ProjectA".
   @ Context - To set the context use the @ symbol and then type the name of your context. For example: "@home". Remember that the @ symbol is a special instruction to Toodledo and is not part of your context name. If your context is actually named "@home" then you would need to type "@@home" to set the context, since the first @ is the symbol and the second @ is part of your context.
   + Goal - To set the goal use the + symbol and then type the name of your goal. For example: "+Exercise More".
   $ Status - To set the status use the $ symbol and then the status. For example: "$Next Action".
   % Tag - To set the tag use the % symbol followed by the tag or tags that you want to add. For example: "%tag1, tag2".
   = Due Time - To set the due time for a task, use the = symbol followed by the time. For example: "=3:45pm".
   ^ Start Time - To set the start time for a task, use the ^ symbol followed by the time. For example: "^3:45pm".
   ~ Length - To set the length that you think a task will take, use the ~ symbol followed by the length. For example: "~4hours".
   & Repeat - To set how a task repeats, use the & symbol followed by how you want it to repeat. For example: "&Every Week". Here is a list of phrases that work.
   : Reminder - To set a reminder, use the : symbol followed by the lead-time. For example: ":5 hours"
   - Location - To set a location, use the - symbol followed by the location name. For example: "-home"
   Note - The body of the email will become the note of the task. You can prevent email signatures or other parts of the email from becoming part of the note by typing -end- where you want the note to end.
   File Attachments - Any attachments in the email will be attached to the task on Toodledo ( Gold Subscribers only )

Each new piece must be separated by a space followed by the special character. Note that because Toodledo uses these symbols as special symbols, you cannot use them in the title of a task otherwise Toodledo will get confused when importing. Putting it all together, here are some example email subjects that you could send to add a task: Call Jim !! @phone #today Finish the Report ! #next friday *ProjectA @work $Active ~1hour Mow the lawn *Chores @home


h.ogi (2020-11-15 (日) 03:21:39)

I don't plan to add other services to EnForward. Sorry.

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