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Bad update of tag toolbar

V S Rawat
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TTB 1.0.2


latest version of addon on latest tb on w10-64 pc

You have just grossly spoiled the great addon "tag toolbar".

Everything was good in previous version and nothing is good in this version.

I suggest, please update "tag toolbar" for TB78 and let that also continue, those who want to use "tag popup", please continuing releasing new version.

Please don't discontinue old version as that was very useful. I have some 12000 tags defined, and new changes are worst to handle them.

You probably thought users are using your add on for fun or time pass, but no sir, we are using it as a tool for real life useful critical work.

Thanks. VSRawat INDIA


h.ogi (2020-08-09 (日) 20:17:25)

As you may know, the old overlay mechanism is not supported in Thunderbird 78. Tag Toolbar may somehow be migrated into TB78 but it will force a lot of tasks on me. It is almost the same as designing one from a scratch. And even if it would migrated, no one guarantee it will work in future Thunderbird.

For your use case, what functionalities are needed? Category? Toolbar is also too narrow for 12,000 tags.

V S Rawat (2020-08-11 (Tue) 03:04:53)

fed up with problems I tried to install older versions of TTB but it wouldn't work,

I even tried to install TB 68.1.1 that was the last version I had, but there also it said some later version has made changes to profile so my TB profile can't be used with any older TB.

So I am stuck with latest Tb and latest ttb.

So let's improve from as it is now.

1. If we reply to a mail that already had a tag, that tag is not automatically attached to the new mail we have sent.

This was happening in pre-78 version and was very convenient. Please bring that functioning again.

2. "Recently used tag" list is gone which is very much required and is very handy.

We work on a set a mails which we assign same tag, so we have to use recent tags again and again and then the project is complete and we don't need to use them, then they can be forgotten.

So, please devise some method of showing somewhere about 10 recent tags.

3. searching a tag is very difficult, almost impossible in the new version. TB's default tag list is of no help as that shows my thousands of tags in ascending order, and I can't type numbers there to reach a particular tag, nor can I press page up/ down to quickly reach top/ bottom, and once I scroll down, those top "Add new tag, remove all tags" etc options have scrolled up. This we I have to scroll for ages between top end and bottom end.

If TB allows, you can add some funcionality there itself to make movement and searching easier.

4. If multiple mails are to be assigned same or many tags, there is no way now. The "Tags" button on message body pane disappears as soon as we select multiple tags, so we are left to select each mail one by one and go through entire drill of searching a tag and assigning that to that mail, again and again.

Please devise some method so that we can select multiple mails and then search/ select a tag that would be assigned to all selected mails.

-- All these were peacefully happening in pre-78 version.

now I am at TB 78.1.1-64 bit on w10-64bit, and Tag popup 2.0.5

One good point is: In new version, tag popup works much much faster.

Thanks. -- Rawat

h.ogi (2020-08-11 (火) 19:19:35)

Thank you for the details. The followings are the current plan.

1. Adding tags to sent messages

I don't plan to implement it so far. It is an experimental functionality even in Thunderbird 68 and it does not work correctly in some environment, in actual.

2. Recent tags

Now I'm working on that.

3. Searching tags

The popup has a search box. Please try it. And I plan to add category in the next update. I think it will improve you case.

4. Add tags to multiple mails

The Tags button is also available in the main toolbar. It adds tags to all selected messages.

h.ogi (2020-08-13 (木) 19:58:33)

Tag Popup v2.1.0 has category functionalities including recent tags. Please try it.

h.ogi (2020-08-13 (木) 20:01:43)

Download link:

h.ogi (2020-08-18 (火) 22:46:14)

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