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GC stopped loading all my contacts and does not load all e-mail addresses

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GC 0.7
GC 0.7.10


OS - Windows 7 (first system) Windows Server 2008 other system

Application: Thunderbird 17.02 and 17.03 (two different computers)

Themes: Default only

Extensions: GC Contacts .7, Lightning 1.9, LookOut 1.2.13, Provider for Google Contacts 0.18, Send Later 4.1.6, Test Pilot for Thunderbird 1.3.9

I am running GC on Thunderbird 17.02 and 17.03 (two different computers) and both of these have just stared with the problem of not loading all my contacts in to my address book. On some it loads the contact without the e-mail address that is clearly in Google Contacts and on others it completely leaves off the contact. I have deleted the address book and re-loaded twice now with the same results and this problem is on multiple systems now. Please advise as to what I can do to resolve this. Thank you.


Carl (2013-02-26 (Tue) 10:11:49)

I have the same issue, started 2 or 3 weeks ago. Windows 7 64 Bit Thunderbird 17.0.3 Extensions: LookOut 1.2.13, Nostalgy 0.2.30, SortRecipients 0.2.7, Test Pilot 1.3.9

Nick (2013-02-27 (水) 00:03:02)

I also have this problem with exactly the same symptoms. It started about one week ago.

OS - Windows 7 Professional SP1 Application: Thunderbird 17.03 Themes: Default only Extensions: Evernote Tab 0.1.14, Google Contacts 0.7, Google Tasks Sync 0.3.1, Lightning 1.9, Provider for Google Calendar 0.18, Test Pilot for Thunderbird 1.3.9.

michote (2013-02-27 (Mit) 00:52:24)

Same here on Ubuntu 12.10 with Thunderbird 17.03 reverted back to GC 0.6.41 and everything is fine.

Jason Taylor (2013-02-27 (Wed) 07:42:20)

Same here. Win 7 Enterprise SP1 x64. 0.6.41 is working fine.

Benjamin Alan Weaver (2013-02-28 (Thr) 04:00:47)

I have the same issue. Ubuntu Linux 12.04, Thunderbird 17.0.3.

I have noticed that the contacts that are synced successfully have the attribute primary="true" set in the raw XML. If a contact has no email addresses that have primary="true" set, then no email will be displayed by the plugin.

anonymous (2013-03-03 (日) 00:00:56)

I removed and then downloaded the Google Contacts 0.6.41 that I found at the following link:

This immediately solved my problem. Good luck.

Please resolve developer so newer version can be loaded.

Torrey McMahon (2013-03-03 (日) 00:03:42)

Seeing the same things. Certain accounts in google contacts are displaying blank email addresses. If a log or data is required, please ask.

h.ogi (2013-03-03 (日) 01:02:05)

I've uploaded v0.7.10b2. It may fix the issue. Please try it.

h.ogi (2013-03-03 (日) 01:03:00)

Change status.

Torrey McMahon (2013-03-03 (日) 13:42:51)

I'm still seeing contacts with blank email addresses. They're listed in the source and google contacts correctly. Not seeing anything that links them either.

Wolf (2013-03-04 (Mon) 06:50:11)

Still the same problem with 7.10b2. Now maybe a better message on log?

URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-1.mab Error in updating a card from a contact TypeError: emails[1] is undefined

I also got this one, but only 1 time: Error in updating a card from a contact TypeError: noteElem.firstChild is null

It would help alot of the log would say which contact it could not update.

h.ogi (2013-03-05 (火) 01:31:53)

> Wolf

Thank you for the log. I've tried to fix the error. Please try v0.7.10b3.

Nick (2013-03-05 (Tue) 22:25:49)

I have just tried 0.7.10b4 and the error is fixed. Thank you!

Wolf (2013-03-06 (Wed) 05:57:41)

0.7.10b4 also works for me. Thank you!

h.ogi (2013-03-07 (木) 18:32:05)

Thank you. Close the issue and release v0.7.10 with fix soon.

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