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Uncontrolled duplication in gmail

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Google Contacts 0.6.40


[OS] Windows Vista [Application] Thunderbird 9.0.1 [Theses] none [Extensions] Google Contacts 0.6.40, Lightning 1.1.1, CompactHeader 2.0.1, ImportExportTools 2.6.4, Provider for Google Calendar 0.9

I was updating contacts in Lightning and sync did not seem to be happening so I was checking back and forth with gmail to see if the contact lists agreed. I added a contact there to see if it would appear in lightning. I was also opening the options dialog in GC to try to understand how sync worked. I may have made changes there, too, but don't think so. Then I noticed extra duplicate contacts in TB which were only partially populated so I checked gmail again and there were extra dup contacts there too. This was happening even though the new contacts I had added in TB and gmail had still not appeared on the other side. The dups were of contacts I had not modified.

I spent maybe 20 or 30 minutes looking around thinking there were only a few extra contacts. Then I noticed my cpu was bogging down and checked task manager. TB was taking 45% of cpu time and TB was running slowly. I went to gmail and realized there were around 100 extra contacts so I came back and shut TB down. However, the cpu was still bogged down, so I checked processes in task manager and found thunderbird.exe was still running at 45% of cpu, so I shut the process down and it all finally stopped.

When I checked gmail again there were 24853 (!) dup contacts in the 'Other Contacts' folder. There were dups in other folders, too, but only a few. I was also losing contacts in the 'My Contacts' folder. Also gmail dutifully copied the extra contacts to my Galaxy Nexus phone, and it is totally messed up also.

This is a really bad bug! I see from the reviews that others have reported similar behavior for over two years, although no one I saw reported as many dups as I got. Why have you not fixed this over such a long time?


h.ogi (2012-01-30 (月) 22:14:46)

I've received many report about that but I cannot fixed it yet. The main reason of that is the fact that I cannot reproduce the issue.

It seems that people who use Gmail as a "hub" will be in the trouble; sync your smart phone and Thunderbird via Gmail. But I cannot debug your phone. This makes the issue more complex.

I do my best to resolve the issue. But I need more time and information.

This report will be closed after a week since it has been reported in other reports.

wsm (2012-08-07 (火) 23:43:00)

I've attempted to post a new ticket to inform you of issues posted at -- most but not all of the topics there relate to performance issues - but I'm not sure I was successful, so I'm posting here in this ticket

THe two most recent ones are using version 0.6.40. - -

wsm - vseerror at

TiagoTiago (2012-10-23 (Tue) 22:55:12)

How about hashing each contact and checking if there is already a contact with such a hash before sending a new one? (basicly checking for duplicates)

Or do you don't believe it is your extension that is creating the additional contacts?

h.ogi (2018-10-08 (月) 00:09:00)

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