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Active Tickets

Active tickets

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

420 [EnForward] "Mark original message as forwarded" not working2.2.3?UnconfirmedNormalTK792023-03-27
by h.ogi
421 TTB not working correctly on 112 Beta
by pnunn
413 TTB selected tags vanish in message tab2.3.5?NewNormalbege2023-03-25
by JZ
418 EnForward - Error on submit2.2.3?NewNormalldwt2023-03-06
by ldwt
417 チェックに時間がかかる場合の送信キャンセルができないCAS 2.1.5?NewNormalef2023-02-28
by ef
411 How to use "Delayed Sending"?CAS 2.1.5ReopenedNormalsh2023-02-19
by sh
415 MHC header toolbar buttons to the leftMHC 2.3.6?NewNormalErik2022-12-05
by Erik
414 regex replaceCAS 2.1.2?NewNormalErik2022-12-05
by Erik
406 Tags dissappear and are not selectable2.3.2?NewNormalDMM2022-10-05
by DMM
403 Ability to change the background color of the selected and focused messages without tag102?NewNormalLuk2022-08-02
by Luk
402 Check against the sender's address - CASCAS 2.1.1?NewNormalEllis2022-07-15
by Ellis
399 MHC. Selected message count not updating2.2.2?NewNormalLatinSuD2022-07-12
by LatinSuD
376 2.1.5 tag toolbar2.1.5?NewNormalUwe Aszmann2021-01-04
by Uwe Aszmann
364 TTB - Fixed sort order. Toolbar Mode2.1.5?NewNormalDaLiV2020-09-21
by DaLiV
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