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Google Contacts makes TB8.0 hang

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I used GC 0.6.40 for several months to my satisfaction. For the last two weeks, I have a problem using TB. TB hardly responds after I have it open for more than, say, 30 minutes. It makes my laptop slow. I have got numerous error messages of (different) scripts that could not be completed. Yesterday I noticed that it looks as if TB tries to sync something ALL the time. The statusbar says "[retrieve] 200: OK" almost continuously. I found out that TB works OK if I temporary disable GC 0.6.40.

My question: is there an option that I can change to make GC work again? I use default options as far as I know. I have been looking for the GC options within TB but could not find them at them moment (although I recall that I've seen them before).

Any help would be very welcome!

Regards, Paul

[OS] Windows 7 [Application] Thunderbird 8.0 [Themes] Standard 8.0 [Extensions] Google Contacts 0.6.40 (currently disabled), Lightning 1.0, LightningButton 1.5.2, Calendar Tweaks 3.0, G-Hub lite 3.0.0, Provider for Google Agenda 0.9


Klap-in (2011-12-18 (日) 18:22:01)

Here i experience same issue. Also my memory usage goes from 125MB to about 900MB. And the first 10-20 minutes one cpu-core has 50 to 80% usage. Disabling this nice plugin let disappear the bad behavior.

Ubuntu 11.10 - thunderbird 8.0 - Google contacts 0.6.40 4 gmailaccounts (the biggest has about 800 contacts)

Here a memory usage profile of my TB with GC enabled:

Paul (2011-12-19 (月) 20:35:41)

Some additions to my first post:

  • I found back the GC options. They are not visible when the add-on is disabled :)
  • I didn't check memory usage, but I reckon it gets very high since my laptop stalls completely when the problem arises.
  • For your information: I have less than 200 google contacts in 2 accounts.

Ben (2012-01-14 (Sat) 05:31:37)

Linux Mint 12 - Thunderbird 8.0 - GC 0.6.40

Similar issues after using this combination for a while: over 1.1GB of memory usage, over 90% CPU usage. I see the [Retrieve 200 ok] message, and certain contact groups now have hundreds of addresses that are multiples of existing contacts. I don't recall how many distinct contacts I should have, but certain addresses now have dozens, if not more, copies that I will have to find a way to merge/delete.

h.ogi (2012-01-30 (月) 21:58:41)

I've found a possibilty of memory leak in GC 0.6.40. I've fixed it in GC 0.6.41b1. I don't know if it improve your case. But I'm glad if you can test it.

GC 0.6.41b1 is available at:

h.ogi (2013-02-11 (月) 15:50:18)


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