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Issue Tracking System

Issue Tracking System

You can file bugs and requests for the following extensions:

  • Tag Toolbar
  • Maximize Message Pane
  • Priority Switcher
  • Check and Send
  • New Tab Button
  • Evernote Tab
  • EnForward
  • Message Header Toolbar Customize

And, of course, you can request new extension, too.


Format is similar to Wiki. So you can easily write if you know original wiki's format. However, some format is extended originally. See TextFormattingRulesEn for details (see TextFormattingRules for Japanese).

Please write in English or Japanese.


  • Before you click the Submit button, check "I'm not a spammer" and uncheck "I'm a spammer". Otherwise, your post will be rejected.
  • See Active tickets and confirm your bug or request is already submitted or not. If it exists, add your comment to the ticket.
  • If status of your bug becomes Unconfirmed, I cannot reproduce it yet. Please give me more feedback.
  • Specify extension name and version in Version field. When you request a new extension, input Other to this field. You can use the following abbreviations for extension names:
    • TTB (Tag Toolbar/Tag Popup)
    • MMP (Maximize Message Pane)
    • PS (Priority Switcher)
    • CAS (Check and Send)
    • NTB (New Tab Button)
    • ENT (Evernote Tab)
    • ENF (EnForward)
    • MHC (Message Header Toolbar Customize)
Check and Send 2.0.0
  • Write your environment for bug reporting using the following example.
[OS] Windows 10

[Application] Thunderbird 78.0

[Themes] list all themes you installed

[Extensions] list all extensions you installed

Add a new ticket

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Active tickets

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

370 Tag choices not shown when multiple emails are selectedTTB 2.1.5?PendingHighgriswolf2022-05-10
by Alain Damlamian
371 Upon clicking 'cancel' the message becomes uneditable - intermittent bug?2.0.17?NewHighNJ2021-01-01
by anonymous
415 MHC header toolbar buttons to the leftMHC 2.3.6?NewNormalErik2022-12-05
by Erik
414 regex replaceCAS 2.1.2?NewNormalErik2022-12-05
by Erik
413 TTB selected tags vanish in message tab2.3.4?NewNormalbege2022-11-18
by bege
412 CAS blocks sending, says "Sending is pending"2.1.2?NewNormalJohn Avery2022-11-06
by John Avery
411 How to use "Delayed Sending"?CAS 2.1.2?NewNormalsh2022-10-30
by sh
400 MMP double click message header not working in Thunderbird
by h.ogi
407 TTB tags shown but not selectable by mouse anymoreTTB 2.3.2?UnconfirmedNormalolaf2022-10-11
by h.ogi
406 Tags dissappear and are not selectable2.3.2?NewNormalDMM2022-10-05
by DMM
403 Ability to change the background color of the selected and focused messages without tag102?NewNormalLuk2022-08-02
by Luk
402 Check against the sender's address - CASCAS 2.1.1?NewNormalEllis2022-07-15
by Ellis
399 MHC. Selected message count not updating2.2.2?NewNormalLatinSuD2022-07-12
by LatinSuD
393 EnForwardで1通だけしか転送されないようです2.1.0?NewNormalK.K2022-05-08
by K.K
388 Whiteout when sent after cancellation2.1.1?NewNormalUH2022-01-19
by UH
380 Error on sending email2.05?NewNormalAndyC2021-07-14
by AndyC
379 Check, if certain addresses are missing from Cc: or Bcc:CAS 2.0.18?NewNormalSH2021-06-28
by SH
376 2.1.5 tag toolbar2.1.5?NewNormalUwe Aszmann2021-01-04
by Uwe Aszmann
375 Making address list easily editable for bulk addition/deletion2.0.0?NewNormalVP2020-12-10
by VP
364 TTB - Fixed sort order. Toolbar Mode2.1.5?NewNormalDaLiV2020-09-21
by DaLiV
359 Configuration of EnFoward not work2.0.4?NewNormalGöran Lindqvist2020-08-26
by h.ogi
391 EnForward not forwarding :(2.1.0?UnconfirmedLowKeith Collyer2023-02-06
by h.ogi
22 issues are found.

Closed tickets (last 10 tickets)

means a ticket updated by a user within 7 days.

means a ticket updated by a developer within 7 days.

410 Update ENForward?2.1.0ENF 2.2.0ClosedNormalanonymous2023-02-06
by h.ogi
390 Add Joplin as receiver2.1.0?ClosedNormalReiner Block2023-02-06
by h.ogi
405 TTB all tags displayed masking new messages2.3.2?ClosedHighjjsfb2022-11-17
by h.ogi
409 After upgrading Thunderbird to 102.2.2, Tag Toolbar functionality is impaired2.3.3?ClosedNormalmorciej2022-10-18
by anonymous
386 The check window's text cannot be read with "dark" text and background colorsCAS 2.0.18CAS 2.1.2ClosedLowYY2022-10-12
by h.ogi
378 "Check and Send" not working for me2.0.18?ClosedNormalAY2022-10-12
by h.ogi
389 CAS breaks "Send" action on TB 91.5 / Linux Mint 19.3CAS 2.1.1?ClosedNormaloleole2022-10-12
by h.ogi
408 MHC not working in Windows (but works in Linux)MHC 2.3.6?ClosedNormalvturek2022-10-12
by vturek
360 Tagged Message no longer are highlighted background2.0.6?ClosedNormaldstp2022-09-25
by h.ogi
373 Editing the tags of several messages does not work properlyTBB 2.1.5?ClosedNormalJZ2022-09-25
by h.ogi
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