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Contents in my sites are provided under the terms of the Creative Commons except for the extensions. The extensions are distributed under the terms of the MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1.

Cookies and Web beacons

My sites contain advertisements from third parties. They will place and read cookies on your browser or  use web beacons in order to collect information such as web pages you visited. The information is managed by following their privacy policies and used in order to provide advertisements that suit to your cup of tea; I cannot access to the information. Moreover, no one can identify you by the information. You can disabled the functionalities by a browser's option if you do not want to use them. My sites use advertisements by the followings:

Web beacons are also used to analyze accesses to pages. No one can identify you by the information from the beacons. I use it only to improve my sites and do not disclose the information to anyone except for nation's investigating authorities. My sites include the following access analysis tools:

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